Automatic Belt Advantage

Traditional belts with holes allow for few adjustments as the holes are spaced 1" apart. Holes tend to stretch out over time, and bottom line regular belt never fits well. With adjustable belt technology, the belt can be regulated in small 1/4" increments, offering the most comfortable fit for any waist size. Elegant and durable design makes this belt the one you will choose time after time.

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Automatic Belt Advantage




"These are literally the most comfortable belts you’ll ever come across. I promise you, once you try it on, you’ll never wear another style. These make for a perfect gift. It’s easy to shop online, they ship the belt in a nice box. I would recommend the product to anybody".

 Joe T.  

"I would like to thank the Vip Belts Inc. for introducing me to one of the best belts I’ve ever used. The belt looks sharp and the automatic technology makes it easy to adjust and comfortable to wear, throughout the day. I’m definitely going to order different colors and styles. Great for traveling, I remove the buckle going through the airport security".

 Jeff B.

"This belt is absolutely amazing. I wear it everyday and it still looks brand new. I adjust it quite a bit through out the day and it’s quick and easy do so. I wouldn’t consider wearing a traditional belt anymore. I truly enjoy the fit and style of this belt. Once you try the automatic belt, you will be hooked. I got my brother and dad wearing this belt, and they love it".

 Niko G.

"Wow, what a great idea, this belt fits with no effort at all. From it’s sleek and stylish look, to its well-crafted and durable design. I’m hooked. No more searching for an adjustment hole, that never seems to fit quite right. With Vip Belts, it’s one simple motion and it always fits perfectly. Thank you Vip Belts".

 Chris G.